When you walk into the new Veterinary Emergency Group location on Ina and Oracle, you’ll notice it’s not your typical emergency room.

“Pets often do better with their parents around,” ER veterinarian Sarah Carotenuto told KGUN 9.

“The idea is, in an emergency situaiton you can stay with your pet the entire time,” explained Carotenuto. “Even if you want to watch surgery, you can watch it from start to finish.”

This open floor concept is open 365 days out of the year.

As a dog mom myself, I know how difficult it is to find a vetlet alone one that’s open all day and night. When asked if she thinks a center like this is a big need in our community Medical Director Chelsie Narito said, “Absolutely. We needed this months ago.”

This ER vet will also provide benefits up the road to the students at the University of Arizona’s College of Veterinary Medicine, also located in Oro Valley.

“This is going to be a great training ground for students as we get rolling, so that they can come in and see if they have an interest in emergency medicine,” shared Carotenuto.

The grand opening comes at a time when a mysterious respiratory illness is being found in dogs around the country.


What to know about the mystery illness that is killing dogs in the US This lab is close to figuring out what causes the mystery dog illness

While it hasn’t yet been found in Arizona, experts say there are things to look out for in your furbabies.

“If they start coughing or just laying around, lethargic, some have vomiting and diarrhea and trouble breathingespecially if they’ve been at dog parks or groomers or any place with high trafficthose are things to look for,” says ER vet Lauren Darwin.

Regardless of the illness, there are currently nine veterinarians at Veterinary Emergency Group ready to treat your pets. The new Oro Valley facility is located at 7080 N. Oracle Rd.


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