Two Tucson theaters are among a few hundred groups that received funding as part of a nearly $5.5 million investment in state arts nonprofits from Arizona Commission on the Arts.

The 367 total grants are unique in that they are not restricted by any specific project or set of guidelines. Instead, they can be used on an individual-needs basis.

For Susan Claassen, managing artistic director and actress with Invisible Theatre, the Commission has always been “the lifeblood” of Arizona arts programs.

This grant helps keep the theater and all of our productand all of our productions and everything we dogoing,” she said. “We feel the arts are a part of everybodys life experience and should be accessible to everyone.

“And literally every single day, the arts keep this wonderful community alive with a vibrant quilt of different experiences,” said Claasen.

Claassen has been performing her whole life and this year will celebrate her 49th year with the theater.

Invisible Theatre, which has been around since the 70s, was awarded over $25,000 with the commission grant. And Tucson’s historic Fox Theatre, established in 1930, received almost double that at $47,500.

Its really important to have those kinds of funds that we can put towardwhether its toward salaries or whether its towards taking a risk artistically, or just making sure that we can be doing this work to the best of our ability,” Executive Director of Fox Bonnie Schock said.

Schock, who has been with the theater since 2020, says it’s thrilling to see the government and the community want to invest in and support the arts.

Its all part of a bigger picture and that were able to continue to grow that support so that we can keep this magical place alive for next generations to come, she said.

You know, I look at it as ‘we are all in this together’,” Claassen added. “We are all those fibers that intertwine to make this extraordinary fabric called the arts community of Tucson, Arizona.”