Grant Road is one of the main ways youre likely to move across Tucson. The project to move people faster down Grant has moved slowly but now a new phase is about to begin.

There is a notorious bottleneck here just west of Swan where Grant goes from three lanes to two. Now the City of Tucson says its done moving utility lines so its taking bids to widen the area all the way to Palo Verde.

It can add some suspense to your drive when three lanes of a fairly fast road squeeze down to two lanes.

That test of reflexes and driver courtesy will go away as phases 3 and 4 of the Grant Road project widen the road from four lanes to six between Venice Place and Palo Verde.

The work will also add an indirect left turn to the intersection of Grant and Alvernon. It will take drivers past the main intersection and require them to U-turn, return to the main intersection, then turn right. Some drivers complain about these but the City says theyre a safer way to turn.

To get that work underway the City of Tucson will take bids through October 9th. Choosing bids and some other requirements could push actual work to sometime in November, with completion of these phases in about two years.

The area already faced some construction from work to relocate utilities. At IRL Cards David Keene says hes confident customers can use side roads to reach his business.

We knew that this construction was gonna happen when we signed our lease. And we so far haven’t had any complaints from any of our customers coming in. We get roughly 50 to 80 people here each week, especially a lot heavier over the weekends, and I’ve heard no complaints about the construction to me. Nobodys had to use any side road access as of yet and Ive heard no complaints.

At Crimson Salon, Charles McCormack also thinks his clients should be able to bypass any construction back ups, and benefit from the improved road when its done.

I think it’s important for business and you know, we’re in hair and so it takes construction to change and change is inevitable for Tucson changes and inevitable for my business. So a lot of people want things done immediately and sometimes it takes a little time. And we understand that as a salon. I understand that. It’s taken a while for them to get it done. And we’ve been promised year after year and it should be done this year. So I’m excited for it to get done.

The Grant Road project still has Phases 5 and 6 to go. They will widen Campbell to Country Club. The website with Grant Road information forecasts three years for those phases but that could be subject to change.