Green Valley Gardeners is an organization hard at work beautifying their neighborhood one plant at a time.

The organization currently has over 600 members who maintain four different gardens in the Green Valley area; Arid Garden, Ogden Garden, Canoa Garden and Desert Meadows Park. They also have a project to maintain medians in roads.

If theres a bad median thats really dirty and needs some work, we clean them out and add some new plants, board member Rhonda Rinn said.

Over several years the group has transformed Desert Meadows Park into a botanical garden. It is located at 999 S. La Huerta, Green Valley. The park is on about four acres of land and includes picnic areas, a plant nursery and a 60 plot community garden. Members can rent a plot to grow their own items.

We have brought in a lot of donated plants from different people in the community,” Residential Harvesting Manager David Kean said. “Also pots, and weve had tables and chairs donated; a lot of different things that weve added to the park really makes it a beautiful place to come.

While theyre helping the Green Valley community, members are also building their own personal communities through the organization.

Rinn said, Everybody thats here is nice and theyre here because they want to be here and want to help.

The organization will be hosting their public spring plant sale on March 22 and 23 at Desert Meadows Park from 9am to 2pm.