The 22nd Street Bridge Revitalization Project is in the final stages before construction begins. The City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility is waiting on a finalized deal with a contractor before plans roll out, such as improvements like widening the road from two to three lanes and increasing the weight capacity.

A group of residents from the neighborhood surrounding the bridge on 22nd Street between Kino Parkway and Tucson Boulevard are opposing the plans for the reconstruction.

The bridge currently has a weight capacity of 15 tons. Buses and freight trucks have to take detours. The new plan would increase the weight limit, but thats not the change neighborhood residents have with this plan.

The model the city presented shows the plan for a HAWK crosswalk at each end of the bridge, with an area for bikers and pedestrians to walk between.

We believe that the people should not be put in a position to be the median between two sides of traffic, said leader of the group in opposition Jesse Lugo.

He and others in the neighborhood have formed a group to protest this part of the plan.

Erica Frazelle with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility said the HAWK Light was added to improve safety within the last year.

Part of our public outreach that we did prior to getting to this point in the design is that was actually brought up in a public meeting to add an additional HAWK light, she said.

Still, Jesse Lugo and his group stand firm on their opposition to the structure of the plan.

If they want to cite that as a safety issue, we disagree. they need to put the crossing lanes further down to the east and further down to the west, he added.

Voters approved the plan through the Regional Transportation Authority ten years ago. The funding for the project now sits in the hands of the city.

There’s always possibilities to make small tweaks to make sure that everyone is being heard and being able to make the best project for all modes of transportation, said Frazelle.

As far as the structure of the bridge, like removing the middle walkway for bikers and pedestrians, this plan is pretty much set in stone.

It would take a long time to make a change like that, such as removing the bridge structure. and it would have to be looked at as to what it would cost overall, said Frazelle.

Lugo and the rest of the group in opposition to the plan also believe the information regarding funding isnt as transparent as it should be.

They hope to have the city host a public meeting having all of their concerns addressed, and also hope to bring awareness to more community members of the plans.

Lugo told KGUN 9 a protest in front of the bridge is an option if the city doesnt budge.