Witnesses described watching University of Arizona professor Thomas Meixner shot as the murder trial of expelled graduate student Murad Dervish continued.

They said they saw Murad Dervish hunt down Meixner, shoot him, then shoot him more times as he laid on the floor.

University of Arizona says it expelled Murad Dervish after a series of threats. Prosecutors say a thirst for revenge drove Dervish to kill the man he held responsible for his expulsion.

Rules set by the court forbid showing witnesses on camera but we can let you hear what they say.

Lab Coordinator Tim Corley testified he knew Dervish was barred from campus so the minute he saw him in the halls of Hydrology and Atmospheric Science he told office staff to call 911.

Soon after he heard shots and says he saw Thoma Meixner running for his life.

He had a look on his face of absolute fear. His eyes were wide. He was sprinting.

Corley says he saw Dervish shove Meixner into the door of Meixners office.

Irma Santander was working in that office. She says she heard Doctor Meixner yell to Dervish.

He yelledF****** I knew you were gonna..and then he fell.

Corley says he was wounded in the leg, as he saw Dervish shoot Meixner again and again as Meixner laid on the floor.

The defense has laid the legal groundwork for a verdict that Dervish was guilty except insane. That would confine him to a mental hospital instead of prison. It requires finding Dervish was so impaired he did not know he was doing wrong.

Prosecutors have pointed to Dervish planning and his attempt to get away as proof he knew exactly what he was doing.