AMG Aesthetics is partnering with the Galleri Cancer Testing and Tucson Fire Fighters Association for a health and wellness event Saturday.

The gathering promoted early cancer detection and supporting firefighters’ health, who face a 9% higher risk of cancer.

Primary Care Physician Dr. Gerald Morris said, “I think it’s good to shine a light on this so that more people understand the complexity and how dangerous that particular job is, not just from the actual doing the job, but what can happen after you retire.”

Available at today’s event were early detection cancer screenings which tested for more than 50 types of cancers from a simple blood test.

“Because let’s face it, most cancers don’t pop up in till you’re a little bit gone into your fourth and fifth or sixth decade of life,” Dr. Morris added.

Proceeds from today’s event are donated to the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation, helping firefighters and their families in times of need. Together, they raise awareness to improve outcomes in the fight against cancer while protecting those who protect our community.