On Friday morning, the lines on both sides of the main entrance at Canyon Del Oro High School were at least five cars long at any given time during peak traffic. According to members of the community, this is a common occurrence.

Everyones trying to get to their own places, and none of us can really cooperate to get there fast enough, said Reese Stoner. Stoner has been dropping off and picking up his younger sister from CDO for the past two years.

The first day of school was Thursday, meaning new and returning students are still finding the flow of things. Stoner said drop-off and pick-up are chaotic all year long. He said it would help to have someone to direct traffic.

It can get very hectic and I do feel like there could be some kind of guard guiding the flow of traffic from the exits of the school and the aquatic center.

Molly Cunningham graduated from CDO last semester. She remembered the stress of beating traffic to make it to her job on time.

I would literally sprint to my car. I would run down the stairs and run to my car as fast as I could or I’d go out during class to park my car closer.

Both are wondering, could more be done to direct the flow of traffic?

KGUN9 reached out to the Oro Valley Police Department to explore some solutions.

A representative said in an email that having officers on traffic control is not always the best solution.

OVPD plans to continue monitoring traffic as the school year goes on but recommends parents make use of the two other drop-off locations and have patience during those times.