After a wet winter here in Tucson, businesses and homeowners may be looking to clean up some overgrowth in their yards. That’s the reason I decided to suit up, and see about putting my own landscaping skills to the test with Action Yard and Tree Services.

After suiting up in Action’s bright yellow uniform shirts, I started small and got to weeding:

After taking care of the weeds, a bigger challengedigging dead leaves out of an agave plant.

With gloves on, it was easy just to dig inand there were a lot of dead leaves to pull out.

Once all the dead leaves were cleared, I got the stamp of approval to move on to the next task.

But even the gloves weren’t enough for a bigger challengesnipping the trunks of a sotol, or ‘desert spoon.’

I had to call in some back up:

Next, It was on to a new task, because the trees weren’t about to trim themselves:

My supervisors gave me an easy task to round out my shiftusing a blower to clear the area of dirt and dust.

So after trying my hand as a landscaper, it was up to Action to decide whether I was hired or fired. The verdict?

After getting fired, there wasn’t much left for me to do but watch them clean up my mess.

If you have a job you want me to try, send me an email at