While it may not seem like much on the surface, carpet cleaning takes a lot more work than expected.This week, Heidi Alagha got to cleaning at Heroes Carpet Cleaning to work in an apartment.At first, cleaning carpets may not seem like it would take a lot of work, but just the preparation alone takes time.After dragging equipment into the apartment, Heidi started by spraying cleaning solution on the carpet.”You’re a natural! Have you been watching carpet cleaning videos?” said an employee Heidi was working with.The next step was the steam cleaning, where Heidi had to push down on the vacuum to get the lines right.”It is a lot of work,” said Heidi.She was bumping things left and right but managed to finish the room.Despite Heidi’s struggles with the vacuums, Heroes Carpet Cleaning said they would hire her, stating she’s a natural.Check out the before:And after:If you have a job you want Heidi to try, send her an email at hiringheidi@kgun9.com.