Its hard to find a nice place to live and its expensive too and you dont make much money that makes it harder still. But theres a concerted effort by government at all levels and by builders to help people with low incomes find nice places to live.

When you look at the Newport at Amphi apartments, youd never know its a complex for low income renters.

But it was built from the ground up to be home to people like Penny Rogers.

Seniors can’t survive without it. They don’t make enough money. It takes from their food. They need it. They need it bad.

These apartments show low rent does not have to mean people are forced into rundown, almost unlivable places to live.

Rogers says, This apartment complex is absolutely beautiful, the management’s awesome. The amenities here. The washer dryers alone are just really, really nice.

A conference at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Thursday was full of people dedicated to helping more low income people have good places to live.

Governor Katie Hobbs spoke here, and so did Mayor Regina Romero. Expanding low income housing depends on Federal tax breaks, channeled through state and local government. They allow builders to save money as they build. Those savings allow building owners to offer low rents.

Jim Tofel of Tofel Dent Construction also chairs the Arizona Housing Coalition.

He says developers who build low income housing find a special reward in the work.

We get to hear stories about the tenants who live there, and the difficulties they’ve been through and how they never imagined they’re gonna get to live some place this nice. and it’s awesome. I think we’re doing good work. It’s an important thing that we’re doing for the community. And it’s a way of giving back.

Penny Rogers says she can rely on her daughters to keep her from ever becoming homeless but she says people should understand reasonably priced, well maintained places to live are no luxury for people who barely get enough to get by.