The Pima County Public Defenders Office is partnering with the Tucson Bail Fund to help juveniles with getting a clean slate.

Public Defense Services are making possible these juvenile victim restitution, funded through a three-year pilot program. Team Leader Derek Koltunovich with the Family Defense and Juvenile Defender Teams spoke with KGUN 9 about this process.

“Juvenile record can often prevent young adults from seeking employment in certain areas like law enforcement, certain military jobs,” Koltunovich explained.

The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is funding the program known as the Pima County Victim Restitution Assistance Project.

“It also prevents them from being able to pass certain background checks,” Koltunovich added. “So, having that record destroyed really opens up a whole world of opportunities that they may not have otherwise had.”

To qualify, an applicant:

Must have an outstanding Pima County Restitution Order through the Pima County Juvenile Court Cannot have outstanding delinquency petitions Must have no felony convictions, if over the age of 18

Anyone can apply for restitution assistance on the Tucson Bail Fund website.