Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo is speaking on the school-wide failure affecting the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system at Morgan Maxwell K-8.

At Tuesday’s governing board meeting he openly addressed the crisis students were almost welcomed with on their first day of school.

“…I especially want to thank our operations team and our facilities team and specifically, the heroic actions of our HVAC techs assigned to the catastrophic HVAC failure that affected Morgan Maxwell K-8,” Dr. Trujillo expressed. “It was a school-wide HVAC failure, meaning no cooling anywhere in the building all the way up to the day before the school year.”

He says repair crews were working around the clock in order to prevent the catastrophe from affecting students and their families. The HVAC system was finally fixed Wednesday.

“And thanks to the heroic efforts of our techs, which included weekend drives to Phoenix to pick up parts, lots of overtime, lots of sweat and tears going into that work,” Dr. Trujillo shared. “The HVAC was successfully repaired the afternoon before school, fired up and cooled the building down so that our kids and our families could be welcomed for the Thursday opening.”

Overall, he says it was an amazing first day of school throughout the district. It welcomed over 200 brand new teachers, some beginning their careers with the TUSD.