Dozens of Arizona high school marching bands played and competed at Arizona Stadium on Saturday, as part of the University of Arizona’s 70th ‘Band Day.’

We have 45 different bands all from high schools across Arizona, New Mexico, sometimes we get bands from even Southern California. They all come and compete against each other at the university,” said Grace Adams, head drum major of UArizona’s Pride of Arizona Marching Band.

Being able to come into Arizona Stadium and just see the cathedral that it is and get to perform in that space is just mind-blowing for high schoolers,” she added. “When I was in high school, we came and performed at U of A band day every year and thats how I learned about The Pride. And so being able to watch high school bands now as a member of The Pride has just been amazing.”

Adams also called it the Pride of Arizona’s “biggest day of the year.”

“Usually we dont get to perform our full show at halftime of football games because its just too long,” she said. “Getting to share our show with high schools is such an honor.