With pool season right around the corner, pool cleaners are preparing their tools of the trade for what promises to be a very busy season.

As someone who loves a challenge, I wanted to find out if I had what it took to do the job and do it well for this week’s Hiring Heidi.

The good people at Patio Pools & Spas, 7960 E. 22nd St., were nice enough to give me a trial run. They have been installing and maintaining pools in the Tucson area since 1969.

I started by skimming the pool, pulling out the leaves that were floating at the surface with a large net. That part was fairly easy.

But the deeper I went, the harder it got. I just couldn’t get the leaves at the bottom of the pool. I was determined, but it was tricky.

“I missed all of them,” I told my potential future colleague, Jim. “This takes so much patience.”

After the leaves were conquered, it was time to switch out the net for the long-handled brush.

I started at the top of the tile that lined the pool and brushed downward. From there, I moved on to the steps.

I could see the dirt coming off. I was a little grossed out. Jim, a longtime pro, was not.

I was really feeling the labor of this job.

“This is going to make me appreciate pools more,” I told Jim.

Our last order of business was the vacuum.

Jim and I assembled the pieces that made up the cleaning machine and pushed the entire length of the hose into the water.

The process was a success, but the heat was really getting to me.

I requested a break, hoping it wouldn’t affect my eligibility. Thankfully, Jim was understanding.

“How do you do this?” I asked him. “This is exhausting.”

When all the work was done and I was thoroughly beat, I asked the all-important question: Are you hiring or firing Heidi.

The verdict: I’m hired!

I’d say catch me cleaning by the pool next week, but after careful consideration, I think I’ll just stick to swimming.