After a long day of anchoring the news, nothing satisfies the palate quite like a cheesy slice of pizza.

And, as I found out in the latest installment of Hiring Heidi, that pizza tastes even better when you get the opportunity to make it yourself.

I walked into this job audition hungry, and the staff at Renees Tucson, on East Tanque Verde Road knew it.

The ingredients looked mouth-watering; the aroma of pizza in the oven, heavenly. It was definitely the type of gig that I could really sink my teeth into.

What I soon found out was making pizza isnt easy.

I was mere moments into my dough-shaping debut, when the worst possible scenario occurred: a hole.

Not an auspicious start, but my pizza guide guaranteed that holes happen and can be easily repaired. We can rebuild.

After a successful second attempt, I did a little dance with the dough, then moved it with the wood pizza peel, the large paddle used to shuttle the pies around the kitchen.

Sauce was added, then cheese, then some of my favorite toppings: onions, mushrooms, tomato.

The next step: The oven.

I was half-expecting catastrophe, but the pizza slipped in smooth. I was hyped.

Patience is a virtue when pizza is in the oven. At one point, I had to turn the pie around to make sure it cooked evenly on all sides. That was the hardest part.

Finally, the moment arrived. Out came the pizza. I sliced it and topped it with fresh basil, then transported it into a box for the next hungry customer: me!

In the end, I got more than a pizza out of the experience.

Renees gave me the job! The next time you order a pizza from Renees, know that I made it with love.

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