The room was packed with students at Lillian Cavett Elementary as I greeted them with, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,” which simply means, “Nice to meet you.”

In Japanese, it literally translates to, “I’m looking forward to having good relations with you.”

First up, was the Taiko Body Chant, requiring feet apart, knees bent and bachi (straight, wooden Japanese drum sticks) held straight out.

They are used for many instruments, but in this case, they’re used for Taiko (drums).

The children’s enthusiasm also helped encourage me. “Arigat gozaimashita,” I said, which means, “Thank you.”

However, in the culture of Japan, this isn’t just any kind of “current thank you.” A person uses it when they’ve gotten kindness or a favor for something that has already happened: in this case, the opportunity to teach these children.

In the end, I was hired! After I got the job, I took a little break so the students could perform a song for me.

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