A popular Tucson intersection got a make over earlier this month.

The Living Streets Alliance organized the painting of a new mural on Saturday, Nov. 4 to help brighten the intersection.

The intersection has seen added safety measures put in place as the Alliance hopes to continue making improvements to a busy thoroughfare where drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists often cross paths.

Inevitably, there were going to be some challenges with keeping this the street safe, said Emily Yetmer, Exectuive Director of the Living Streets Alliance.

The safety measures added were two more stop signsconverting the intersection into a four-way stopcross walks, and curb extensions.

It was inside of those curb extensions where the Alliance painted the mural.

“We’ve got a lot more color,” said Yetmer, “A lot of kids and families get to be a part of making this happen. So now every time they come through when they’re in the downtown area, they can point and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I did that triangle right there’.”

Shannon Riggs works with the Historic 4th Avenue Coalition and also lives in the area. Riggs tells KGUN 9 that they fully supported the Alliance’s project.

Anything we can do to make it more welcoming and positive, we are super excited about, Riggs said.

The added safety mitigation also helps with the new developments in the area, including the Union on 6th housing development.

It really slows people down taking that right hand turn right there onto 7thand keeps it a little safer for pedestrians, said Riggs.

According to the Alliance, the paint won’t have to be touched up for a few years.