Tucson has a rich history when it comes to Hollywood. John Wayne spent many years filming and living here. Old Hollywood stars like Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Clark Gable and Gary Cooper all spent time in the Old Pueblo.

It might surprise you to learn about the big name stars who frequented Skyline Country Club. They were likely impressed with the amazing view, just like visitors are today.

“First time I came here I was mesmerized by the view,” said Skyline Country Club General manager Sergio Salazar. “The thing is it gets better every time you come.”

Salazar and his Skyline Country Club are celebrating 60 years of this magnificent view.

Nestled in the Catalina Foothills, Skyline Country Club also has one of the most scenic golf courses in Arizona. It opened in 1963.

Skyline’s history is straight out of Hollywood.

“The Rat Pack used to come out here. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin came out here,” Salazar said.

That’s right, the Rat Pack at Skyline Country Club in the 1960sSinatra, Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop.

Current Head Golf Pro Chris Dompier knows the history of the sports celebrities who’ve been to Skyline.

“Joe DiMaggio, you had Hank Aaron, you had Joe Namatha movie right hereAnn Margret,” said Dompier. “Some famous, famous people.”

Joe Namath and Ann Margret starred in the 1970 movie “C.C. and Company,” filmed at Skyline Country Club.

But the biggest surprise resident of Skyline wasn’t a star on the big screen or on the football field.

“Even the first Playboy Mansion was on hole number 4,” recalled Dompier. “Most people don’t know that. Hugh Hefner was on four.”

Apparently, the Tucson Playboy Mansion lasted just one year, before Hefner moved to L.A.

So how did all of these celebrities end up at Skyline Country Club in Tucson in the 1960s? The story goes, Arizona was about to give Las Vegas a run for its money.

“They originally built it to be a casino hotel,” said Salazar. “At the time there was a theory that they were going to start allowing gambling. This was 65 years ago, and they were going to compete with Nevada. So that’s why supposedly it was built with this in mind. Because this middle part was going to be part of the casino.”

That certainly fits the Rat Pack vibe of the exterior of the clubhouse.

As Skyline Country Club celebrates its 60th anniversary, they remember the past, while preparing for the future.

The 60,000 square foot clubhouse is going through a multi-million dollar renovation.

“We’ve been here for 60 years and it was just time to do a renovation,” Salazar said. “So we figured instead of doing it slowly, let’s do everything.”

The golf course just went through a $2.5 million makeover, which should help accommodate a growing junior golf program.

Skyline’s Junior Golf Program was recently ranked No. 2 in the country. A positive sign for the future of golf at Skyline and in Tucson.

Part of the course renovations included making the greens 40% larger.

“Hopefully the scores should come down,” Dompier said overlooking the 18th green. “That’s the end goal is to have people have more fun.”

The members of Skyline Country Club seem to like the changes.

“It’s playing a little bit easier with the green approaches and the greens being a little larger, but for me it could play a little easier yet,” said Jim Ballmer.

Ballmer is a second generation member at Skyline. He says he appreciates the history on this 60th anniversary.

“It’s a pretty unusual and unique place,” said Ballmer. “Best view of the city.”

A million dollar view that makes Skyline Country Club Absolutely Arizona.