Here are this week’s adoptable pets going on Jersey’s Journeys to find their forever homes! They’re all up for adoption at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

– Caleb is an 8-year-old white and brown German shorthaired pointer. He’s a happy boy, who loves a good snuggle and can’t wait to be your best friend. His ideal day would include lounging around on the couch with you, and then going for a little walk. He’s friendly, affectionate and chill. He’ll make a great pet!

– Hawk is a 9-month-old black and white mix pit mix pup, who never quite grew into his giant ears! He’s an energetic, friendly boy, who is really a dream around other dogs, cats, and kids. He loves to go on hikes, and will make a great adventure buddy! He’s smart and will do great in any home that can give him a fun outlet for his energy.

– Ra is a 3-month-old orange tabby cat. He’s a little reserved at first, but he quickly opens up, especially when he realizes you’re willing to pet him! As soon as he’s comfortable, he’ll start purring up a storm. He isn’t totally sure about dogs at this point in his life, but with the right introduction and enough time, we think he could probably warm up to them.

– Stella is a 7-year-old long-haired gray tabby cat. She’s a sweet, calm girl, who’s totally fine around other animals! She’s curious and friendly, but isn’t in your face. She has tested positive for Feline FIV, but as long as other cats in your home aren’t aggressive, the Humane Society says that won’t be a problem.