The Wall of Faces Museum in Douglas is sharing stories of about 800 veterans who are from the town. This museum is located in the Gadsden Hotel at 1046 N. G Ave.

It started as a temporary exhibit, opening on July 4, 2016 after former President Barack Obama asked communities to honor Vietnam veterans in 2012.

Veteran and Museum Co-Founder Hector Leon explained, The way we started is we were going through the high school annuals, and were saying, Okay, well, this guy, this guy was in…’ and then we started asking the folks for help. And little by little, it just grew.

The museum has expanded beyond just Vietnam veterans. It now highlights all those from Douglas who have served in the U.S. military.

Co-founder Ginny Jordan shared, Basically as long as a mans story is told they do not die, so you tell their story.

She and other volunteers have spent the last seven years doing just that.

Its about young people, their lives and their experiences, Jordan added.