September is National Recovery Month and HOPE Inc. is reminding us all recovery is more than just overcoming addiction.

Tucsonans face all types of recovery, from PTSD, to bereavement, loss of employment and more.

HOPE Inc. held their Recovery Jamboree at 1200 N. Country Club Rd. Friday, inviting over 20 organizations who work on the different parts of the recovery spectrum.

They say the first step to getting help, is simply asking for it.

Recovery is possible,” Chris Chavez explained. “Anytime you have issues or problems get a little vulnerable and ask for help.”

The Spectrum Healthcare Group provides primary care inside the HOPE Inc. building, saying anyone can be in need of recovery help.

What were seeing here is there are needs for all demographics. We serve all ages, all insurances, and well come to you,” Jessi Hans said.

If you need help with your recovery you can reach HOPE Inc. at (520) 903-6610.

Since 1989, Recovery Month has been held every September to promote and support new treatment and recovery practices, the nations strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of service providers and communities who make recovery in all its forms possible.