Gas prices continue to rise with no sign of slowing down, according to AAA. In fact, Arizona has seen the largest increase in our average dollar per gallon in the entire country about an 18 cent increase.

How much have prices changed in 3 days, 1 month, 1 year?

On Friday April 14th, AAA showed Arizona with the third highest cost of fuel in the nation, averaging $4.54 a gallon up 13 cents since Tuesday of that week.

Even Pima County saw an increase of 20 cents over those three days, with the average price at the pump sitting at $4.46 a gallon.

Gas prices nationwide are significantly higher than 2019, 2020, and 2021. But they remain lower than last year though that story changes for Tucson and Phoenix.

Tucson gas is already eight cents more expensive than last year and 84 cents more than a month ago.

It’s a similar story in Phoenix gas averaging $4.80 a gallon. That’s up 18 cents from last year, and 60 cents from a month ago.

Fortunately, this trend doesn’t continue everywhere, with Sierra Vista and Douglas sitting at $3.96 a gallon. That’s up 40 cents from a month ago, but down 50 cents from last year.

Why are prices so high?

Now experts say high oil costs are driving the price increase despite a decrease in demand.

Andrew Gross is a spokesperson for AAA. He said “As long as oil costs remain at the current level, drivers will likely see incremental price increases for now.”

AAA also said several factories in Texas, which supply Tucson with most of our gas, are offline for maintenance. Gas prices also increase when switching from the cheaper winter-blend to the summer one.

How you can save at the pump

AAA said not to waste money on premium gas if your car doesn’t need it because there really isn’t a benefit.

Also, make sure your tires are inflated that will help your miles-per-gallon.

And you can use tools like gasbuddy to find the cheapest gas stations before you start driving.

We’ve got that tool and more here.


Arizona gas prices on the rise



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