Here are this week’s adoptable pets going on Jersey’s Journeys to find their forever homes! They’re all up for adoption at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

– Tuffles is a 5-year-old white and red short haired cat. She’s a sweet girl, who loves some ear rubs and chin scratches. She’s curious and playful, and can’t wait to be your best friend.

– Nibbler is an 8-year-old black cat. He’s a sweet boy, who’s getting a little gray here and there, making him look very distinguished. He’s very alert, and loves to know what’s going on around him! He’s affectionate and friendly, and will make a great pet.

– Dipper is a 2-year-old golden retriever mix. He’s a big kid, who acts like it! He has a ton of energy, and is a very playful boy. He’s very eager to make friends, and would really like to have a meet and greet with any potential pet siblings. He was very excited to meet Jersey, but would probably do find with smaller dogs if they were comfortable. He’d love a home that can be patient with him, to give him the love and attention he needs.

– Benny is a 1-year-old brindle pit mix. He’s a very happy boy, who also has a lot of energy. He’d love a home that can take him on epic adventures and long walks, and then spend the night cuddling and snuggling. He’s very friendly and affectionate, and just wants to be loved. He’s also very alert, and loves knowing every detail of what’s going on around him.