While some areas of the United States have spring cherry blossoms and others might have a little snow, Tucson is kicking off the weekend with the 54th annual 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair.

There’s expected to be over 300,000 visitors this weekend and about 400 vendors set up booths.

For Mike Madden, his shop is unique as he creates jewelery out of old guitar strings. The shop, Colorado Restrung, is based out of Colorado and he travels the country to sell his product.

“It’s a passion and I’m a middle school counselor and this is something I can do that provides me with a little bit of therapy,” he said.

But there are many businesses from across Arizona that set up shop at the fair like CV Gifts. The mother-daughter duo create different candles, soaps and lotions out of beeswax. The owner, Colette Ziegler, said the fair is one of the best ways to grow their customer base.

“The vendors, the customers we just love it,” Zeigler said.

Her daughter Bobbi Ziegler helps her out at the fair too..

“This is the best show out of all the shows we do,” Bobbi said.

The fair will continue through March 26 at 5 p.m.



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