For the last 50 years, pro-life advocates and supporter gather for the March for Life in Tucson. This year, they marched from St. Augustine’s Cathedral to Holy Hope Cemetery on Saturday morning with signs and prayers.

Advocates like Denisha Workizer had tables set up with resources for women. For her, the topic of abortion is personal.

“I am an abortion survivor,” she said. “My mom had two abortions while she was pregnant with me. You wonder what else in your life was a lie, if your life was attempted to be taken before your first breath.”

As she learned the rest of her story, she said she understands her mother.

“My mom found herself scared and afraid, not knowing what to do when she found herself pregnant,” she said.

Her personal experience lead her toward pro-life work.

“I really just want to represent life and encourage women that there are options and there’s so much help even here represented at the march,” she said.

At the same time in Phoenix, people gathered at the state capitol for the annual women’s march. They advocated for expanding women’s abortion rights in Arizona, particularly by asking for signatures for the Arizona Right to Abortion Initiative in the hopes of getting it on the ballot in November. The initiative would be a constitutional amendment and establish a fundamental right to abortion in Arizona.

In Tucson, the It Goes Too Far campaign advocated against the measure.

“I believe that life empowers,” Workizer said. “I believe that when you choose life you are empowered as a woman.”

The March for Life in Tucson ended with a rose ceremony.

“The rose ceremony is representing all the children that have been lost to abortion since 1973,” Workizer said.