The Senior Olympics Festival is underway here in Tucson and todays event is powerlifting.

Its not an easy sport but today we got a look at it from a whole new lens.

I always say, never judge a book by its cover,” 78-year-old powerlifter, Sarah Simpson said.

Simpson began powerlifting only six weeks ago and today she participates in the Senior Olympics Festival.

Shes taken it up a little later in life rather than someone thats done it all their life and thats not easy to do,” Sarah’s friend, Pat Connolly said.

Connolly and Simpson met ten years ago in a yoga class. This was when Simpson first started going to the gym.

The hardest part was walking through the front door, but the benefit has been phenomenal,” Simpson said.

From yoga to free weights, nothing has stopped Simpson since she started her fitness journey.

Youre never too old to try something,” Simpson said. “My thing is that I dont want fear to own me.

This is a person that has traits everyone should emulate,” Connolly said “She is dedicated, strong and a gift to the community.

And the gym community is something Simpson has learned to love.

The community thats being built down here and the friends that you make here, you cant compare,” Simpson said. “I told somebody last week that this is my happy place.

Simpson never thought going to the gym would take her to competing in the Senior Olympics Festival, but now the gym is where she always wants to be.

Ive seen a difference in myself, how I feel mentally, how I feel physically but its empowering because Im doing this for myself,” Simpson said. “Ive done a lot of things in my life for other people, even though I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction, but this is for me.

Although today was her first competition, Simpson is sure it wont be her last.



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