In this story we hear from a man who thought he had minutes to live. He was wounded in a shooting at an RV dealership in Cochise County. The shooting left another man dead. Though it happened in November, authorities only recently released investigative records to KGUN9.

Youre having a normal day at work. A man with a rifle shows up and starts shooting people including you. Its beyond imagining and really it should be. But that is the story we are about to bring you.

It was November, late afternoon at Desert RV in Huachuca City. Jordan Barajas says he was working in one of the service bays when he turned the corner and was face to face with a man with an AR-15.

You could tell like right there he was surprised and raised his gun. You know, he yelled at me. Like whatever and I kept continuing on and boom, I got hit and I’m laying there so I mean,..

KGUN Reporter Craig Smith: What did he yell?

Jordan: He just yelled he was like, Where’s the girl? And then like, when he yelled it, I kind of just like looked at him like and he said, Oh you think this is a joke, and shot me.

Jordan says he yelled to warn his co-workers which included his uncle and cousins. He says then the man stood over him and fired a shot at his head. That shot grazed him. He laid still so the gunman would think he was dead.

From there, he saw the man shoot and kill his uncle Robert Lizarraga.

The man moved away. Jordan tried to call his girlfriend. He couldnt reach her. He called his mother and broke some grim news.

I got shot. I think I’m gonna die. You know, I love you. Like tell Dad, I love him.

Jordan Barajas says the gunman acted like a soldier on a mission. Sheriffs reports identify the shooter as Bruce Hansberry, Junior, a veteran, a highly trained infantryman.

Jordan says workers had seen the man earlier that day, asking questions that had nothing to do with RVs like how many people worked there.

Deputies say Jeffrey Rose, who owns the dealership, grabbed a handgun and traded shots with Hansberry.

Reports say Hansberry retreated, led Deputies on a chase, crashed his car, and ran away. A combined force of Deputies and Border Patrol caught him almost five hours after the attack began.

Jordan Barajas says no one at the dealership knows Hansberry or knows what would have triggered the attack.

A judge ruled Hansberry is mentally incompetent for trial. Hansberry is being treated while in custody to restore his competency and allow his prosecution.

Jordan Barajas says while he heals, hes grateful for the support of his family and his extended family at Desert RV. He knows what happened will stay with him, but must not control him.

I didn’t sit there and you know, kind of soak on it. Try to let it affect me, eat at me everything like I said, I’m just trying to go on with my life.



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