With the pandemic and now the migrant crisis, businesses on the border are having some rough years.

Empty sidewalks are the new normal in Nogales.

With construction on the Morley Gate pedestrian crossing, and CBP officers being shifted away from the ports to help border patrol agents, the owner of La Cinderella, Gregory Kory, is counting less money in his cash register.

Im missing my customers dearly,” Kory said. “Today seems dismal theres nobody on the street.

Korys family owns two businesses in Nogales, as he says 90% of his customers live in Mexico.

Saying the decision to move officers away from the port is already making a dent in profits, and if it doesnt pick up soon his family will be forced to go where there are customers.

Well, we have to get crafty and figure out where to do business; if we have to move our location to another town, or close certain days of the week,” Kory said.

While the streets outside businesses are empty, Terrace Avenue is full as border patrol continues releasing migrants into the streets.

Vans come throughout the day with migrants they can no longer hold in their facilities as border crossings surge once again.

The street releases have been happening for two weeks.

For Assiss from Nepal, he says coming to America was his only hope.

In Nepal I was in danger. I save my life here. I feel safe here. Thats good,” he said.

CBP says they will work to return to normal operations as quickly as feasible.

The pedestrian crossing construction is expected to be completed in late November.