SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. (KGUN) – Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services has eight new team members after they’ve graduated an accelerated firefighter program through Cochise College and the City of Sierra Vista.

David Coronado, one of the graduates, started his “dream job” on Tuesday which KGUN 9 was there to see. The day started with the probationary firefighter meeting his new crew members and them learning how to properly check over an ambulance.

“This is something Ive always wanted to do since I was a little kid. So, seeing it come to life is really surreal,” Coronado said. “Im excited to be part of a family.

It wasn’t long before the first call came in a patient in need of help on the west end of Sierra Vista. Something Coronado has waited for.

“I’m very excited, very nervous. But mostly excited,” he said before getting into the ambulance.

After dropping the patient off at the hospital, the crew returned to the Sierra Vista Fire Station 1. Before they could get comfortable, another call came. This time, a patient with chest pain. Coronado said he was glad he was assigned Station 1 because he knows they get a lot of calls, and help a lot of people.

I kind of expected this, you know, you always want a busy day,” he said. “I mean, I don’t [wish for bad things] but I want to get a lot of experience in.

Despite helping in both situations, for Coronado, it didn’t feel real.

Its still very surreal,” he said. “Its a dream job of mine, first patient thats being [helicopter flown to Tucson], so a lot of firsts today.

The accelerated program ended with graduation on Friday after eight weeks of full-time training. This opportunity to complete the paramedic and firefighter programs at a faster pace made the Sierra Vista native want to come home.

I got tired of Sierra Vista, small town. So, I was like, ‘Ill venture out to the big city,’ and when I got up there, its not what people make it out to be. Id be happy being a firefighter anywhere, Coronado said.

Admittedly, he has lots to learn, but Coronado is ready to serve his hometown.

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