For the last year, the local non-profit I Am You 360 has worked to construct their small home experience. The goal is to house foster youth that are aging out fo the system and need a place to live.

“We’re about 75 percent done and we got 20 percent to go,” Desiree Cook, the found of I Am You 360, said.  

The team is planning on constructing 10 tiny homes nine for the residents and one as the community center that are complete with a bathroom, dinette and bedroom.

“We’re really raising funds for the roofs, windows and doors,” Cook said.

For foster youth aging out of the system when they turn 18, about 20 percent of them will instantly be homeless according to the National Foster Youth Institute. At this tiny home village, they aim to teach the residents financial literacy and other skills to help them retain a job.

“Our target is 18 to 22 year olds for our housing project because those are the ones that are slipping through the fabric of our society,” Cook said.

Throughout the three years in the program, the residents will pay rent and and half of that money will be put away into an escrow account.

“That way at the end of three years we’ll give that back and they’ll be able to purchase their first started home,” Cook said.

They’re looking to raise more money to complete the project by the end of the summer.