A local nonprofit is looking for its place in the Tucson community, but it needs some more support to get its feet on the ground.Nonprofit HM3 Advocate is committed to bringing healing and transformation to domestic violence survivors. They provide a holistic approach to healing, but their overall mission is to be a one-stop-shop for all resources survivors might need.The nonprofit wanted to find a meaningful way to get the people involved to spread their message, so they held an event called “In Her Shoes.”The event was centered around an activity where participants started with a card. The card described a situation, a real situation, a domestic violence victim has been in.Participants of the simulation had to make a choice from several options to make the next step. Then they made decisions based on what they would do.Naomi Galindo reads the true story of a young Vietnamese girl’s experience with domestic violence. “While the plumber is working, Steve accuses you of flirting with him,” she said. “Before you can protest, he starts pushing, grabbing and slapping you.”She said her first option would be to go with friends or family. “It’s something familiar, that’s what you know. I feel like if I was in that situation that would be something I would choose to do as well.”But she didn’t receive the support she was hoping for in this simulation activity.“Her family didn’t accept her back at the house and sent her back with her husband.”Then she went to the police to report the abuse and saw the barriers this woman faced.“The time frame was out of range so they couldn’t help her anymore either and it just was a vicious cycle of abuse over and over again,” described Galindo.Eventually it was getting a job that saved her, but leaving the relationship is just the first step.“Leaving a domestic violence relationship is crucial and it is insignificant without a healing process,” said Helen McCracken, one of the founders of the nonprofit.The “In Her Shoes” event was just an introduction to show how difficult it can be to get to leaving.“If the whole community comes together, it can make the process a little bit easier for the victims,” said the other founder, Stephanie Harris.HM3 Advocate is grassroots and very new, so they’re asking for some help getting started.Here’s a list of the current services they offer:-Safety Planning-Assisting with Personal Protection Orders-Education-Advocacy-Court Advocacy-Life Success/ Coaching-Individual Support-Group Support-Referral to Other Agencies-Legal Resources-Educational Presentations & WorkshopsHere’s a list of what they’re looking for help with:-Web Developer (volunteer)-Attorney (Divorce & Family Law) (for HM3 to refer to)-Grant Writer (volunteer)-Someone to:-manage our website (volunteer)-manage our social media (volunteer)-12-15 members to be considered for our board: (Goal to enact board in 2024)-Small monetary obligation-quarterly meetings-support organizations fundraising and event efforts-medical doctor-nurse practitioner-Law enforcement-CPA-Lawyer-Others Welcome for consideration