While many people above the age of 65 choose to live at home, there are others that choose to live in a retirement community. Lexie Bivings is a resident at The Hacienda at the Canyon and she said she is glad that she made the move.

“The reason I came here was primarily because i was getting more disable and my daughter said ‘Mom, You’re not getting out and hanging with your friends’,” she said.

Bivings is nearly 97 years old and she said she’s grateful for the community at The Hacienda.

“And now I just came from lunch from my neighbor and we have been neighbors 25 years,” she said.

But there are many that choose to live at home. June Hussey works at The Hacienda and has worked in the retirement community industry for many years.

“They think they need to age in place because it’s comfortable, familiar, they’ve paid for their home and they don’t want to leave it,” she said.

Whether people are aging in place or moving into an independent living community, there’s a cost associated with it. Depending on the level of care, Pima Council on Aging reports assisted living can cost on average $3,000 a month. PCA also reports if a person ages in place, home help could cost about $25 per hour, which is in addition to any remodeling.

“You might have to move things around and change the rugs or bring people in to help,” Hussey said. “But Tucson has options for every budget.”

And for residents like Bivings, it’s worth it.

“There are just some super people here,” she said.



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