With so many independent voters in Arizona, independent candidate for president Robert F Kennedy Jr. came to Tucson Monday night to may his plea to get on the Arizona ballot.

Bobby Kennedy and his centrist approach is really attractive to all voters, independent voter Wyatt Forde said.

In Tucson, the Pima County Recorders Office says independent voters make up over 93 thousand voters, which is about 33 percent, or about a third, of the overall voters.

Kennedy said hes focusing on independent voters in battleground states like Arizona.

Arizona is one of the battleground states. Its a state that basically split even the last election, Kennedy said.

At a packed rally at the Fox Theatre in Downtown Tucson, Kennedy spoke on issues Republicans and Democrats dont typically touch on like how pharmaceutical companies could be negatively affecting peoples health.

Ive been representing people and just everyday Americans in litigation against big corporations that have poisoned them, that have disrupted their lives, Kennedy said.

Kennedy also spoke on key battleground issues like border. He said President Biden has taken a soft stance on the issue and is hoping to take a stronger stance if elected president. On Tuesday he will be holding a roundtable in Cochise County about the border and visiting the border itself.

He also spoke about the economy at his rally and said hes hoping to cut back on expenses in America.

Im going to do that by cutting the military budget in half and by ending the chronic disease epidemic which is the biggest budget burden, he said.

When asked about what aspects of the military budget he would cut, he said jobs abroad.

We need to bring our military home, we need to arm ourselves abroad, he said.