As prices seem to be increasing everywhere, theres one longtime Westside Tucson store where you can still get something for just a buck.

This is my store, and I love it. I wouldnt want to do anything else,” Adam Neal, owner of Neal’s Dollar Deals said.

His store slogan is “Where the dollar item is still a dollar.”

“That was kind of a dig at the dollar store since they are going up in their price,” Neal said.

On Mission Road just past Ajo, Neal has been in the secondhand business his whole life. He never knows what he might buy, or what someone might try to sell him.

Years ago I had a woman give me these dungeon doors that looked like they might have come off the Yuma prison,” Neal said.

The items at Neal’s Deals are all from Tucson. Everything from tires, fishing poles, action figures, to bullets are for sale at the store Neal runs with his wife and kids.

Neal says he knows a lot of the stuff he buys does not have much value, but he says finding the diamonds in the rough is the key for staying in the second hand business for as long as he has.

When you buy an estate, youre buying everything and they expect you to take it all. If you dont youre reputation is going to tank,” Neal said.

Outside of his store, Neal has been living on the Westside for four decades.

Saying witnessing the growth has been impressive, adding its also good for business.

I dont mind the house building. Because eventually theyre going to have a washing machine they need me to get or a refrigerator, or their stuff, so growth is good in this business,” Neal said.

Saying even though he’s been buying and reselling all his life, he can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thats the thing, you never know what youre going to see,” Neal said.