Change is happening in Naco, at one of the oldest golf courses in the state. Joseph Lewis, purchased the Turquoise Valley Golf Course and the RV park across the street in 2018, and is now moving forward with this plans for the property.

He closed the course in 2019 due to financial concerns and listed the property for sale. It sat on the market for two years before he decided not to sell the property and instead turn it into an entertainment space for tourists and community members.

“Its hard to fine someone that believes in this property as much as I do, Lewis said.

The plan is to make the 184-acre property the home of Camp Riff. Lewis says Camp Riff will have an amphitheater, RV campsites, walking paths, a playground and more. He sees this project as an investment in Naco, since it will bring both money and people to the border community.

It needs investment in the community and I hope to bring that,” Lewis said.

Lewis is inviting the community to the property on Saturday for a open house, where he will have the master plans available for people to see.

I would like it to succeed with as much community support as possible and the only way to do that is to really have an event, talk to the community and hear the wide variety of thoughts and opinions, Lewis said.

He wants to hear the community’s feedback before he presents it to the Cochise County planning and zoning committee in April and the Board of Supervisors in May. Lewis says he’s altered some of his original plans from four years ago based on community comments.

The open house will take place on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. More information can be found on the Camp Riff website.