Former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants now have nine days to surrender to Georgia authorities, after being indicted on charges of election meddling.

With Trump now facing is fourth indictment this year, could a similar case of election meddling be made here in Arizona?

The charges in the current indictment allege Trump was at the center of a failed effort to reverse his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden in Georgia. Arizona’s last presidential election was one of a handful of tight, pivotal races for President Biden.

In the indictment, Arizona is mentioned several times.

Today I spoke to Univeristy of Arizona law professor Christopher Griffin on what the latest indictment against trump and his team means for us here in Arizonaand whether similar charges could be leveled in our state against the former president.

Griffin says he highly doubts we see anything like this in Arizona, as there are currently no formal investigations open against Trump or his allies.

“Many of us perked up because the state was mentioned in the indictment, but the way I understand the reference to phone calls made to Arizona politicians and other activities here in the state just showed the broad scope and the breadth of the activities those named in the indictment were engaged in,” Griffin tells me. “That it wasn’t just limited to Georgia. It truly was a nationwide battleground state comprehensive plan that’s alleged.”

Griffin added that perhaps there isn’t an investigation in Arizona because our Attorney General and other prosecutors don’t see enough evidence that could lead to an indictment in our state.


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