A lot of people head to sites like Amazon or other digital marketplaces for their holiday shopping. But stepping into a shop like Mildred and Dildred offers that special something you won’t get from online stores the ability to see and feel the items and ask any questions to those who know the stock best.

We work really hard to make a more personalized shopping experience,” said owner Autumn Ruhe. “You can come in and say I’m looking for a four-year-old who really likes dragons and we’ll go around the whole store with you and try to figure out what’s the perfect gift for this four-year-old.

Plus, shopping local keeps the money in the local economy, helping your neighbors.

It pays the employees who work here, we pay local taxes here, we donate to local schools…. Shopping local keeps the money inside in the community and it keeps our community vibrant,” said Ruhe.

Being a part of the community has allowed Mildred and Dildred to continue bringing unique toys of all generations to their store. That includes this year’s hottest item at their shop…Jellycat plushies.

Theres something a little bit independent and quirky about Tucson. Tucson likes things that are a little bit different,” she said.

Mildred and Dildred is located at 1725 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712.