Sherri Griffin is helping local animal shelters with her business R.C. Griffin Soap Company. Since opening her business back in 2021, she has donated more than $5,000 across the area and internationally.

I used to travel a lot for my job and the things Id bring back were interesting soaps and lotions fun local things,” Griffin said. “So I thought, ‘I wonder if I can make some of that.’

She started her business as a hobby, fully prepared to donate all of her profits to animal shelters. Her love for dogs made her want to help those without homes.

(My dogs) were spoiled dogs, loved them,” Griffin said. “It always made me think there arent animals that are well treated as well as my dogs were. And I wanted to find a way to help.

She turned to the internet to help her start her new hobby.

YouTube is a wonderful place to learn things,” Griffin said. “Theres different methods in soap making.

She chose the more creative method because it allows her to mix oils, butters and colors. The soaps have to cure for a minimum of six weeks before they are ready to be sold and used.

Its a complete win-win. Its my hobby so I get to make the soap, have fun, be creative,” Griffin said. “The animals win because I donate 100%. I dont keep any profit.

She primarily sells her lotions, soaps, chapstick and bathbombs at vendor shows in Sierra Vista, but also has a website.

One of the animal rescues she donates to is Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary. Sandy McPadden, from Little Lotus, says the donations she receives from Griffin help with task not a lot of people like to donate to.

Shes also been incredible and she has been open to letting us use these funds for things that are a little bit less glamorous, McPadden said.

Griffin has donated $1,200 to the Little Lotus Rescue over the last two years. She says shes going to continue to donate and make soaps for as long as she can.

More information can be found on the R.C. Griffin Soap Company website.