In Arizona, there are 1,400 people waiting for an organ transplant. And in 2021, there were over 700 people that received organ donations according to Donor Network of Arizona.

This month, Tucsonans are celebrating National Donate Life Month and many hope to educate others about organ donations. Christine Eisenfeld’s husband passed away from a heart attack. But she said he donated his heart valve to a 4 year old boy.

“It’s most important to talk to your family about it.. so i knew this was something we both wanted,” she said. “Because he had passed before we got to the hospital, he was eligible to be a very healthy tissue donor.”

This week, St. Mary’s Hospital honored donors and recipients through a flag raising ceremony.

“We’re really trying to spread the word about how vital this is,” David Ziolkowski, the CEO of Carondelet St. Mary’s, said. “The purpose of the month is to celebrate and recognize the wonderful donors.”