Thousands of cyclists from across the country are gearing up for the 40th annual El Tour de Tucson.

It’s basically you know, it’s like the cycling Superbowl of Tucson.

Marilyn Chychota has raced in El Tour four times now.

And her favorite part is how it brings the community together.

It’s always good. If you’re local, and you’re part of this community and you’re a racer in this community to support the event because it’s, you know, Tucson is a cycling town,” says Chychota.

The longest of the courses, starting and ending at the Tucson Convention Center, runs 102 miles.

And as the race brings more cyclists to the area, local cycling business picks up as well.

Tour de Tucson brings a lot of business into Transit Cycles. People come from all around the world to ride in El Tour, Jenna Majchrzak, owner of Transit Cycles, tells KGUN 9.

Transit Cycles is a small cycling business on the Westside at the MSA Annex267 S. Avenida del Conventothat sells and repairs bikes.

Majchrzak has been working on bikes since 2001, and while she rides on her own, she has not raced in El Tour.

I am here to get everybody ready for it. And to fix those last minute emergencies,” said Majchrzak.

And with the influx of people, Majchrzak tells KGUN 9 that one of the best parts of the job is meeting incredible people from all across the world.

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