Since 2008, The Agave Heritage Festival has celebrated the cultural, sustainable, and commercial significance of the agave plant across borders.

This year’s event kicks off on April 18 and wraps up April 21.

Festivities include:

Agave pit roasting Agave spirit tastings World class culinary events Seminars Poetry Live music

Although the agave plant is known for making tequila and other mescal spirits, its fermented sap was used widely in Aztec religious and sacrificial ceremonies in Mesoamerica. The fibers were used to make clothing, shoes, building materials, fires, and paper.

Due the demand of tequila and climate change affecting the yield of the crop in recent years, a shortage of agave has persisted. That’s why sustainability is a focus of the Tucson festival.

A full schedule of events can be found at the festival website.