On October 1 just after 12 a.m., Sixth Avenue Antiques was burglarized.

The three story antique mall is on N Sixth Ave, just north of downtown Tucson.

It houses about 60 different vendors who sell vintage and antique items.

They rummaged through the store for a while, broke into some cases that belonged to the vendors, stole some things from the store and did some damage to the store and then left, said shop owner Kayleen Martin-Tellis.

She said several of the stores vendors were stolen from.

One vendor – it’s definitely over $1,000 that was stolen. Another booth she had a lot of jewelry, sterling silver, gold brooches, necklaces and rings.

Martin-Tellis said they have increased security at the store as a result.

It’s very disheartening to have vendors who work so hard to have something like this happen to them.

There have not been any arrests made in the case.