Arizona Football Head Coach Jedd Fisch all but confirmed the reports he’s in talks with the University of Arizona on a contract extension, which would make him the highest-paid football coach in program history.

“Before I get my contract done, we’re going to make sure the coaches are taken care of,” explained Fisch. “All the assistant coaches, we’ll try to compensate them accordingly.”

The coaching staff now sets its attention to recruiting and an upcoming bowl game. Projections have UArizona traveling to San Antonio and the Alamo Bowl.

“This is a big time game we’re going to,” said Fisch.

As it turns out, not all student athletes participate in bowl games. It is unclear whether left tackle Jordan Morgan (and NFL prospect), who came back this season from an ACL injury, will compete.

“If you’re a first rounder, I can see it,” added Fisch. “I think other than that, most guys will play in it.”