Here are this week’s adoptable pets going on Jersey’s Journeys to find their forever homes! They’re all up for adoption at the HOPE shelter. If you’re interested in adopting, please head to their website, for application information, or you can go to their shelter any day between 12 and 3pm.

– Sasha is a gray-ish black and white long haired cat, who’s around 10 years old. Her owner died, so she ended up in the shelter system, and she is so ready to get into her forever home to be able to enjoy her golden years! She’s mellow and friendly, and does just find around other animals.

– Silvester is a 4-year-old black and white short haired cat. He’s a very playful, happy boy, who loves to be the center of attention. If something is going on, he wants to be there! He gets along great with other animals, and likes to rough house! So if you have a playful kitty already who needs a wrestling buddy, Silvester is ready to turn your home into the WWE.

– Trooper is a 1-year-old tan, white and black shepherd mix. This fluffy boy is very active and playful! He loves to romp around and go on adventures, but he’s also well trained and very friendly. He knows basic commands, and is very treat motivated. He loves people, but he has a very high pray drive, so he thinks little animals are little treats. It’s best that he goes to a home without any small animals.

– Titan is a 6-month-old gray and white great dane and pit mix. He’s a sweet, playful boy, who is still very much a puppy, and is still growing! He loves people, and he does great around other animals. He’s pretty mellow, which is the great dane coming through, and he really just wants to be loved.