Former President Jimmy Carter is about to reach an incredible milestonehe’s turning a whopping 99 years old this Sunday, and the celebrations have already kicked off!

The White House honored President Jimmy Carter with a three-tiered red, white, and blue wooden cake topped with 39 candles, representing his role as the 39th president of the United States. This symbolic installation will remain in place throughout the weekend, serving as a visual tribute to President Carter and his contributions to the nation.

To avoid potential disruptions due to a government shutdown, the celebrations at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta were moved from Sunday to Saturday.

Hundreds of attendees enjoyed video tributes to Carter by celebrities, doll-making, trivia rounds showcasing lesser-known facts about his life, and reflections on the evolving world.

A 99-cent ticket granted museum access, which included a replica of Carter’s 19771981 Oval Office. Early birds received a green-themed birthday cake, symbolizing Carter’s 1975 environmental campaign.

After the worry about a possible government shutdown was resolved on Saturday night, the festivities at the Carter Library & Museum will continue Sunday.

There will also be a naturalization ceremony at the Carter Center, where 99 new U.S. citizens will be honored. 

The Carter family will have a private and quiet celebration in Plains, Georgia.

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