A judge in Hawaii has denied a settlement reached earlier this year between University of Arizona quarterback Jayden de Laura and the plaintiff in a sexual assault civil case originally filed in 2018.

According to court documents, de Laura previously admitted to and apologized in writing to the plaintiff for sexually assaulting her with other defendants in 2018.

The Court has reviewed and considered Plaintiffs Petition for Determination of Good Faith Settlements with Defendants Jayden De Laura, Jacob De Laura, Malinda Peters, Kamoi Latu, Paula Latu and Kamaluhiaolaokalani Eleneke, filed May 18, 2023 (Dkt. 116) (Petition), the original related submissions (Dkt. Nos. 163, 167/175, 169, 171, and 183), the arguments of counsel at the July 18, 2023, hearing, and post-hearing supplemental submissions (Dkt. Nos. 188, 190 and 192). Being duly advised of the record and files herein, and good cause appearing therefor, the Court denies the Petition.

In the original settlement agreement, de Laura, his family and another defendant agreed to pay, “all they could.”

However, Judge Lisa W. Cataldo says months later, they both changed their income statements showing they could pay significantly more.

The judge agreed with the plaintiff who says the settlement is too low. Mediations will resume in January.

De Laura is not facing criminal charges.