As the holiday season approaches, children eagerly anticipate the joy of unwrapping presents placed under the Christmas tree.

However, since this festive tradition is not a reality for everyone, Junk King, a local waste removal service, is actively working to bridge this gap through their toy collection bins.

The initiative, now in its third year, channels collected toys to children affiliated with local Boys and Girls Clubs of America. KGUN 9’s Bri Pacelli recently interviewed Marnie Prince, the owner of Junk King’s Tucson location, to delve into the significance of this philanthropic effort.

Prince, the driving force behind Junk King’s charitable endeavors, emphasized the importance of giving back, particularly to school-age children.

“These are kids who know what Christmas is, and they know that they might not be having something underneath the tree,” Prince stated.

Since the inception of their toy collections, Junk King has experienced a growing wave of community support. Prince shared, “We filled a quarter of an 18 cubic yard box truck, so we’re hoping to fill half of it this year9 cubic yard of toys.”

Junk King’s partnership with the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) has played a pivotal role in boosting toy collections during the holiday season.

SAHBA Events Manager Courtney Kinion explained, “She comes in and drops off the boxes for us, and then when once we do the drive and have all of the overflowing boxes at the end of the toy drive, she and her team come to our office and pick it up.”

Junk Kings HAULidays Toy Drive Bins Beasley, Mitchell & Co., LLP One S. Church Ave., STE 1160 SABAH 2840 N. Country Club Rd. # 100

Kinion highlighted the unique nature of this collaboration, stating, “This one is so local, right? Working with boys and girls in our community and making sure that they have a beautiful Christmas that every child deserves.”

What sets this initiative apart is not only the joy it brings to the children getting gifts, but also the opportunity for them to share the festive spirit with their families.

Prince remarked, “It’s not just about receiving a gift, but to get the opportunity to give something from the toys to somebody else as well.”

The tangible impact of these efforts is seen in the smiles and excitement of the children at Boys and Girls Clubs. Prince expressed the fulfillment she experiences, saying, “It feels really good. Yeah, the day that we stopped in at the Boys and Girls Club is seriously one of the happiest days because they’re so excited.”

For those wishing to contribute to this heartwarming cause, both local collection bins are available for toy drop-offs from now until Monday, Dec. 18.