After a temporary closure in 2022, K Donut Wheel, a beloved community staple, is set to reopen its doors in a fresh location. KGUN 9’s Bri Pacelli spoke with K Chav, the owner, to discuss the significance of the business for her and the community.

K Chav, alongside her husband, embarked on the journey of opening a donut shop, following in their family’s footsteps. Chav shares, “I’ve been raised in a family that’s owned a donut shop, so I kinda know what it’s about donuts and all the stuff. It’s kind of fun for me to experiment with recipes.”

The Chav family developed strong bonds with their customers over the two decades spent in the same location.

Chav notes, “Over the years, I get to know the customers, and they get to know me and my family.” She adds, “People around us, they’re more like family. They treat us like family we love them.”

However, in 2022, the family faced a setback when they couldn’t renew their lease, leading to their forced exit from the building.

K Chav expresses her disappointment, saying, “I was so disappointed, sad, and you know it’s like you’ve been there for so long. It’s like home.” With emotion, she adds, “It feels so sad; I cried.

Undeterred, the Chav family invested a year in construction, and now they are prepared to unveil their new location, complete with a fresh building and a new name.

K Chav reveals, “My husband suggested that why not, everyone knows you as K, why not call it K Donut Wheel.”

The entire Chav family, including their kids, will be actively involved in running the family-owned business. The reopening signifies not only a return for the family but also a sweet reunion for the community.