St. Phillips Plaza held a big audience on Wednesday, candidate after candidate on the local, county, and state levels speaking to the crowd about their intentions if they are elected.

However, everyone there was waiting to see Kari Lake, who recently announced her run for U.S. Senate. She will be running against Republican candidate Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb.

They are joined in the race by Democrats like Ruben Gallego and incumbent Kyrsten Sinema, an independent.

The crowd erupted with applause and cheers as Lake took the stage. Lake, began by sharing her thoughts on inflation and blamed President Joe Biden for the rise in prices.

We have to vote America first, Lake said to her constituents.

It was a common theme throughout her speech as she transitioned to talking about securing the border.

She called the serious amount of fentanyl coming into Arizona an invasion of fentanyl, saying she wants to shut down illegal activity at the border.

I cant bear to think about the lives weve lost. Young people, and you wonder what would they have accomplished if we hadnt lost them, and it doesnt have to be this way, Lake said during a one-on-one interview with KGUN9.

One of the ways she wants to stop fentanyl from coming into Arizona is by continuing to work on the border wall.

The Biden Administration recently announced they will be using executive power to continue building the wall in Texas after saying in recent years they would not continue.

Biden says he doesnt believe the border wall works but is continuing to build the wall because he says the money for the wall needs to be used.

A big theme Lake also touched upon was keeping elections honest.

Im not giving up the fight to restore honest elections, Lake told the crowd.

When asked about why shes confident in this election, she said she thinks theres going to be a record turnout.

When we have so many problems in the world, Americans are going to show up and vote like their lives depend on it and their country depends on it, and I think when we swamp the system its going to be really hard to stop the American people, she told KGUN9.

The Arizona Secretary of State Office says in July of this year, there were almost 4.2 million registered voters.

Lake also touched upon a range of topics such as banning urban camping and drugs in camps and bringing back the energy sector.

Ive proven since this election and throughout my campaign that I will fight for the people of this state, Lake told KGUN9.